2017 Steering Committee

Founder and Board Chair, Conference Chair

Joe_LeBlanc-1_webJoe LeBlanc is a Cajun qenderqueer butch who believes in personal story-telling as a significant method for people to share experiences and solidify a better understanding about LGBTQ identities, issues, and concerns. As the Founder and Board Chair of BUTCH Voices, he enjoys all of the connections he’s made as a result of working with community members, organizations, and allies over the years with the organization.

Joe lives in Portland, Oregon, where he is as an Organizing Specialist with SEIU, Local 503. He enjoys working to empower workers’ voices and build collective power, while also serving as an Advisory Board Member for Q Center. He is a prior recipient of the Pride in Action Award with Pride Northwest in 2011, and was honored as a Queer Hero by the Gay and Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest in 2016. Joe has developed and presented workshops at various conferences on issues around identity, community building, event planning, and advocating for trans-inclusive health care. He also enjoys road trips, coffee, taking way too many pictures, and a wide variety of music.

Board Member, Volunteer Chair

Mac McEachin is a policy associate at the International Refugee Assistance Project in New York City. He joined the board of BUTCH Voices in 2012.






Board Member, Outreach Chair

Carolyn Wysinger is a snarky black queer woman from Richmond, CA who just as well be from Long Beach cause she owns it. She is an author, blogger, bibiobutch & Facebook statustician. She spends most of her days ranting on Facebook and driving people around on Lyft. She didn’t create the #lyftchronicles but she sure as hell made them worth reading. She will finish her book eventually.



Board Member, Accessibility Chair

Born in Mexico City, Dri Batista became part of the LGBT movement in the early 80s as a journalist. Dri worked for El Dia and La Jornada newspapers in Mexico writing about women, youth, and LGBT issues. In 1984 he coauthored the book titled, “Liberacion Homosexual” (Posada Press, 1984), to later produce comic books on youth, LGBT, and health issues.  Dri’s works and poetry have been published in diverse newspapers and magazines in Mexico, USA and Canada.

Today, Dri works as a Health Coach and started his journey as a transgender non-conforming person who identifies as he/they.  He continues to be active in the LGBT community. Dri was recently invited to provide a Trans-Cultural training for Mental Health providers for Kaiser Permanente Southern California region. with the goal to educate providers about the Latino trans community and the cultural characteristics and health needs of this population. Dri has participated in BUTCH Voices prior, and enjoys serving as a member of the board.


Logistics Chair

DebraGuyVirginia native Debra Guy is a butch lesbian musician, wife, mom, blogger, and event manager. With over a decade of event management experience, Debra is a currently an event coordinator at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. Before coming to UVA, Debra spent many years at both George Mason University and American University, in roles varying from scheduling and event services to on-site event production. She has a keen eye for managing event logistics from both an organizer and facility manager point of view.

From her undergraduate days at George Mason University, Debra has been involved in the LGBT community – from co-chairing GMU’s LGBT student organization to performing with her band at Pride Festivals in DC, Baltimore, Delaware, and Charlottesville. Since 2009, she has authored the blog “Butch…and Pregnant”  which chronicled her pregnancy, and now her life as a butch lesbian mom.

She is the frontwoman for the Washington, DC-based band Honeychuck, performs solo acoustic music, and records and performs children’s music locally in Charlottesville. Living in rural Virginia, she enjoys the serene country life of hiking, gardening, mowing her lawn, and cohabitating with the Blue Ridge Mountains, along with her hot librarian wife, enthusiastic toddler daughter, and devastatingly handsome dog.

Logistics Coordinator

Jackson Reinagel is a transgender Navy veteran with Santa Cruz roots who loves everything queer. He is currently majoring in Gender Studies at CU Boulder and trying to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up.




Performance Chair

Damnyo Lee is an Los Angeles native. Born and raised. She’s been performing poetry and spoken word since 2001, within that time, she’s performed at many universities, festivals, schools, radio shows, podcasts, slams, and poetry events all over the country. Damnyo is also a decorated U.S. Navy Sailor, serving since 2011. Her experience doesn’t only include just performing, she has hosted several Los Angeles open mic venues, produced and curated numerous shows, retreats, and festivals; including: Elements, El le Mental Sol, BLU, and the Damn Slam. Damnyo was Slam Master/Coach for the LA Slam Team in 2006 and Slam Master/Team Member of the Damn Slam in 2010 – 2012. The Damn Slam has been featured in the Los Angeles Times. Currently, Damnyo is host and producer of the film podcast “The Wrap Party.”


Programming Co-Chair

Jaye Kesler-Walls is a Butch heavy equipment operator, abstract expressionist artist, social activist, film maker enthusiast, and a proud parent of 5 adopted siblings. Born and raised in Texas, Jaye moved to Seattle, WA in 2002 after receiving a B.A. in Fine Art/Art History. Jaye has been involved with BUTCH Voices since the beginning organizing art shows, presenting workshops, and coordinating the conference programming. Jaye enjoys creating art in a variety of mediums, including photography, drawing, painting, and mixed media. Jaye’s art work encompasses a variety of subject matters and ideas including the concept of evolving identity through a series of self portraits created over the last 20 years. Jaye has volunteered as the Operations Manager and House Manager for the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival since 2002 to present. Jaye has also created two short films Super Speed, presented at the 2006 SLGFF, and On the Cutting Edge, which was featured at the 2010 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. After spending 7 years as a stay-at-home parent, Jaye recently started a new career as heavy equipment operator, and is living the dream.


Programming Co-Chair

Redwolf Painter is a two-spirit mixed blood Heyoka retired punk from Alaska. Wolf grew up in a poor mixed blood American Indian/White family with deep Alaskan roots which reverberates throughout their writing and social justice work. For the last 20 years Wolf has been writing, performing and producing events for various non-profit organizations, including Sundance Film Festival, CineVegas, San Diego Film Festival and Frameline. Concerned with the disappearing Native Track at Sundance, Wolf founded the Native American Film Series while working for the San Diego Film Festival in 2004 which is still running today. 


Community Housing Coordinator

Rope Wolf is a butch leather Top who is Native American and Irish, raised off rez in San Francisco.  Hy teaches and mentors in the BDSM community on a variety of topics.  A co-founder of Butch/Femme Socials of Oakland and San Francisco, a social in person group for b/f folks and open to ALL.  A short story writer, avid camper, and corporate wonk.




Media Team

Tootie is a masculine of center, lesbian woman of mixed ethnicities born and raised in the bay area of Northern California. She is a foodie, animal lover, and sci-fi fanatic. She received a B.A. in Digital Media Arts from Cal State Dominguez Hills and is a multimedia designer based in the bay area. She specializes in graphic design, sign production, video editing, audio editing, and web design. She has done graphic design work for BUTCH Voices and the Brown Boi Project. Tootie holds high enthusiasm for gender justice and finds it important to build community among LGBTQ folks. She is passionate about digital media art and helping to share important information and advocate for the community through multimedia.


Graphic Designer

Audrey Gilles grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A tomboy, a misfit that didn’t fit in with either the boys or the girls, not to mention one of only five Jewish families in town, she left as soon as possible. Audrey spent her formative years in New York City in the early 80’s and stayed for the next 20 years. She moved to the Bay Area in 2005 continuing a long career in marketing until transitioning to design and property management ten years later. Audrey identifies creatively first, and from a gender perspective as a tweener. She finds herself attracted to the stories, experiences, and energy of masculine women.