Our Board

Founder, Board Chair


Joe LeBlanc is a Cajun qenderqueer butch who believes in personal story-telling as a significant method for people to share experiences and solidify a better understanding about LGBTQ identities, issues, and concerns. As the Founder and Board Chair of BUTCH Voices, he enjoys all of the connections he’s made as a result of working with community members, organizations, and allies over the years with the organization.

Joe lives in Portland, Oregon, where he works as an Organizing Specialist with SEIU, Local 503, helping to empower workers’ voices and build collective power. He is a prior recipient of the Pride in Action Award with Pride Northwest in 2011, and was honored as a Queer Hero by the Gay and Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest in 2016. Joe has developed and presented workshops at various conferences on issues around identity, community building, event planning, and advocating for trans-inclusive health care. He also enjoys road trips, coffee, taking way too many pictures, and a wide variety of music.


Board Members

Carolyn Wysinger is a snarky black queer woman from Richmond, CA who just as well be from Long Beach cause she owns it. She is an author, blogger, bibiobutch & Facebook statustician. She spends most of her days ranting on Facebook and driving people around on Lyft. She didn’t create the #lyftchronicles but she sure as hell made them worth reading. She will finish her book eventually.




mac-mceachinMac McEachin is a policy associate at the International Refugee Assistance Project in New York City. He joined the board of BUTCH Voices in 2012.





Born in Mexico City, Dri Batista became part of the LGBT movement in the early 80s as a journalist. Dri worked for El Dia and La Jornada newspapers in Mexico writing about women, youth, and LGBT issues. In 1984 he coauthored the book titled, “Liberacion Homosexual” (Posada Press, 1984), to later produce comic books on youth, LGBT, and health issues.  Dri’s works and poetry have been published in diverse newspapers and magazines in Mexico, USA and Canada. Today, Dri works as a Health Coach and started his journey as a transgender non-conforming person who identifies as he/they.  He continues to be active in the LGBT community. Dri was recently invited to provide a Trans-Cultural training for Mental Health providers for Kaiser Permanente Southern California region. with the goal to educate providers about the Latino trans community and the cultural characteristics and health needs of this population. Dri has participated in BUTCH Voices prior, and enjoys serving as a member of the board.