Presenter Bios

BrochBroch Bender writes stories and produces video and variety shows for and about queers in Seattle. He’s involved with the Seattle Storyteller’s Guild, and his writing is published in print and online.Broch is presenting Telling (y)our story
BoBo Brown, born working class butch, in 1947, in a lumber town in Southern Oregon. Class was and continues to be an issue that is present in all facets of her life, including the butch community.Bo is presenting Class Matters
loaBVphotoLoa Niumeitolu is a queer Tongan first-generation immigrant. Her family migrated to the U.S. through the Mormon Church and she grew up in Utah. She works as a Community Health Advocate for Pacific Islanders in the Bay Area.Loa is presenting Class Matters
DrEvilBoiDr. Evil BOI has been a teacher in the vanilla and leather communities for over 25 years and married his fire spinning grrl, Bella, this past year at Burning Man.

Dr Evil BOI is presenting FROM BOIS TO MEN

sadehuronSade Huron is a queer experimental filmmaker/ writer/ performer/ and photographer, whose work has been published and exhibited internationally.
Select publications are included in the ‘Faggot Dinosaur’ Anthology, ‘Acts of Passion, Gender and Performance’ Haworth Press book and ‘Blue’ Australian photography magazine.Sade is presenting Faggot Desire and is moderating the panel Photographing Butch.
wendikaliWendi Kali is a Portland, Oregon based photographer and the creator of the Butch/Femme Photo Project. She has been traveling, capturing the unique and individual expressions of the butch and femme identities. The images and words will be compiled in a book to be released in 2014. is on the panel of Photographing Butch
megallen Meg Allen: Butch was always a term that described me, even if I didn’t always fit the exact description. And what is the exact description? I decided to put it to my community to tell me, and BUTCH is a series to document and showcase the butch landscape as it stands in 2013.
For more, please check out is on the panel of Photographing Butch
syd1Syd London holds reverence for the power of photography, and has been documenting LGBTI lives and issues of homelessness, poverty, the medical system, disability, grassroots organizing, gender performance and private lives since 2007. Syd London PhotographySyd is on the panel of Photographing Butch
mikiMiki Vargas of Costa Rica. Professional wedding & event photographer. When I’m not shooting weddings I focus on portrait photography. In 2012 I created a personal project: “For the Love of Bois.” For more, please check out: www.mikivargasphotography.comMiki is on the panel of Photographing Butch
FabianFabian Romero is a Queer Indigenous poet & community organizer. Since 2007 they have performed throughout North America. They’re pursuing a BA at Evergreen State College with a focus in social justice.Fabian is presenting Self Preservation for Everyday Oppression
Mary Going-004Mary Going is an entrepreneur and social activist. She has founded, led and sold two businesses prior to Saint Harridan. Mary lives with her wife, Martha Rynberg, and their two daughters in Oakland, California.Mary is presenting BUTCH Fashion.
KCLutesK.C. Lutes is a masculine-of-center hairstylist. Her biggest joys are androgynous and masculine expressive haircuts, and avant-garde cut/color. K.C. has also worked with Domestic Violence survivors.K.C. is presenting Inside-Out/What’s in a Haircut?: Collaborating with hairstylists in crafting your Butch self-expression
RaquelRaquel Gutiérrez is a West Coast literary performance artist and cultural organizer who’s written on queerness, music, film, performance and community building.Raquel is presenting Butch Misogyny, Butch Rehab: REAL TALK
JesseJesse Benet, MA, is a queer & trans systems boundary spanner of mental health/criminal justice. Jesse is also a co-founder/co-host of Gendercast, and has a passion for activism at the intersections.Jesse is presenting The Multiple ___________ of Identity and will be on the Inter-Generational Panel.
AxilAxil Cricchio, MA, ABD is a scholar, community & social activist/advocate, and professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies who actively pursues equality for the LGBTQI community.Axil is presenting The Multiple ___________ of Identity.
Jay-ReneeSir Jay-Renee is a social justice activist/artist, proud Oakland native, and student at CIIS, where Sir is currently developing a more inclusive curriculum for trans/gender-variant youth.

Jay-Renee is presenting The Multiple ___________ of Identity.

ValVal is 50ish. While Val can’t be put in a box, it’s OK to call Val a butch dyke. Val has ID’d as queer since age 15, got involved in queer activism right after coming out, and never got over it.

Val is presenting BDSM From Top to Bottom

Marilyn-001Marilyn is a 50-year-old lesbian feminist kinky dominant femme, partner to Val, mom to 2 teenage daughters, computer professional, tuba player.

Marilyn is presenting BDSM From Top to Bottom

allison is a high femme babygirl who is active in multiple BDSM organizations throughout the Bay Area. She enjoys leather, volunteerism, and being used for your amusement.allison is presenting BDSM From Top to Bottom
QQ is a self-identified queer, polyamorous leather boi. It’s well known that flirting is Q’s default mode of communication. Q consistently strives to bridge the various communities to which he belongs.Q is presenting Flirt Like You Mean It!
BlaiseBlaise Fortunata is commited to finding common ground and building relationships wherever possible. She has spent many years in New York and Oakland, and currently lives in Cape Cod, MA, with her wife.Dr. Fortunata is presenting Being Butch 24/7 and will be a panel member on the Female Identified Butch Panel.
NazbahNazbah Tom, Dine, is a trained drama therapist currently in an administrative role at a Native non-profit. She builds community through her work as a somatic practitioner, poet, and collaborator.Nazbah is presenting Two Spirit Identity and Becoming
parke.headshot (640x424)Parke Ballantine is a filmmaker and producer with an emphasis on supporting, creating, and promoting socially just and community based media. Ms. Ballantine works as Video Production Manager for the Native American Health Center (NAHC) in Oakland, CA.Parke is presenting Two Spirit Identity and Becoming
ElanaElana Dykewomon, a social justice and dyke activist since the 70s, has published seven award-winning books, including Beyond the Pale (now an ebook!) and 2009’s Risk. See: www.dykewomon.orgElana is presenting Old Butches
dianesabinDiane Sabin, DC, current Exec. Dir. of the Lesbian Health & Research Center at UCSF, has been a community activist, cultural activist and radical lesbian feminist butch dyke for more than forty years.Diane is presenting Old Butches
Se-001Sé Sullivan is a Queer white masculine activist scholar pursuing a PhD and has been active in seeking the rights of marginalized individuals and communities for over 30 years.

Sé is presenting Whiteness and Masculinity

GRKeerGr Keer is a poet librarian whose work appears in Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics.
Crystal Azul is a participant in this year’s VONA writers workshop & a visual artist.Gr and Crystal are presenting Whole From Parts: Writing Our Experience
PatManuelPat Manuel is a 5x national amateur boxing champion and trainer. Dedicating their life to the sport of boxing and fitness in general, it is Pat’s goal to share this knowledge with members of the MoC.Pat is presenting Buff Butch: Empowerment Through Strength Training.
jackshultz-001Jack is pursuing an MA at Dartmouth College and previously served as an Assistant to the Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator of Washington State University.Jack is presenting A Discussion for MoC Survivors of DV and Sexual Assault
krisshultz-003Kristopher is pursuing a master’s degree at Dartmouth College focusing on issues of LGBTQI youth homelessness. He is a grassroots organizer and activist.Kristopher is presenting A Discussion for MoC Survivors of DV and Sexual Assault
CoreyCorey Alexander is an Oakland-based transgender stone butch, and an educator/writer/activist living with chronic pain. He publishes queer and trans* BDSM erotica under the nom de plume Xan West.Corey is presenting Doing Relationships with Emotional Armor: For Stones and our Partners
LeaAs a fierce feminist dyke love warrior Lea has been obliterating queer-gender oppression, racism, sexism and more for decades! Lea is a performance artist, educator, writer, singer and has found freedom through creative expression.Lea is presenting Radical Self Care for Gender Outlaws and will be a panel member on the Female-Identified Butch Panel
GenderqueerSocietyGender Queer Society is gender-bending performance troupe based in San Jose. Our mission: to entertain and educate and blur the gender lines. Started in 2009, our favorites venues are youth spaces.Gender Queer Society is presenting Drag 101: Don’t Be a Drag, Just Be a King!
Karen-001Karen Haberman Trusty was lucky enough to be part of the civil rights movement in the 60’s where she worked with The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee(SNCC). She has been doing anti racism and race dialogue work for decades.Karen is presenting Standing up for yourself and others – the relevance of the civil rights movement for today and will be a member of the Inter-Generational Panel
Nenna Joiner
owner of Feelmore510 Adult Gallery & Feelmore Entertainment.

Nenna is presenting Queer Porn: A Brown Perspective

Some members of the Board & Steering Committee are also presenters and/or panelists. Click on their names to read their full bios elsewhere on the site:Jay-Marie Hill – panelist on the Inter-Generational Panel
Sharon Bridgforth – panelist on the Inter-Generational Panel
Jay Walls is facilitating the Inter-Generational Panel
Lex – panelist on the Inter-Generational Panel
Rajkumari Neogy – moderator of the Female-identified Butch Panel
Adrienne M. Thomas – member of the Female-identified Butch Panel
Carolyn Wysinger – member of the Female-identified Butch Panel
B. Cole – member of the Female-identified Butch panel
Sinclair Sexsmith is producing the Photographing Butch panel