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Usually covered in some type of wood shaving

Rave Clay Table Saw (BUTCH Voices 2011)“My name is Rave Clay, and I am a part of the Butch Community.”

As it stands, I am 23, queer identified and female bodied. I am a woodworker; former hockey player, inked human and these do not begin to scratch the surface. But for reasons other than these, I identify as butch.

There has been some hostility, and some outright hatred expressed within the Butch Community towards trans exposure, and so much more. Younger generation butches have been accused of not knowing the history. Trans butches have been accused to stealing others’ identity. Accusations are being thrown left and right and the community is folding in on itself.

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Windy City Media: The transformative politics of gender

This article was written by Kate Sosin.
Appeared originally: The Windy City Times

Photo Credit: Sara Deragon
Pictured: (L) Krys Freeman – (R) Cara Thaxton

…The division between the two organizations comes at a time when college “women’s studies” programs are increasingly becoming “gender studies” programs and women’s organizations must revise their mission statements to include their transgender members.  Where women once created separate spaces in a male-dominated society, many must now accept that such spaces are often painted as exclusionary by trans rights groups. For some, it calls into question the very idea of what “feminist” means.

Feminist communities hit a major road bump in 1994 when a transgender woman was ejected from the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. The “Womyn-born-Womyn only” policy became a point of protest for transgender communities, who argued that the policy aimed to delegitimize transgender women as women.

…Both [groups] want to push past the differences and support each other. “We share a community,” Freeman said. “So there’s no way we can’t work together.”


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Thanks for your efforts…

“I felt real spirit, conviction, and yes, humor at this event!  Thanks to the organizers, volunteers, participants and to whatever web of drive and kindness brought us all together. Circle Up!! Three hundred cheers and/or fists in the air !! :)” Christy, Philadelphia

Just a quick note to send some care in the direction of you and others on the organizing committee. Thanks for your efforts to make the conference happen.

I’ve seen the various posts you and others have sent; I am sympathetic to the challenges of addressing conflict weeks before an event. I haven’t followed the nuances of the discussion but have been on boards and work in museums and non-profits and know the toll such dilemmas can take.

I attended BUTCH Voices NY and was very appreciative of the energetic grassroots efforts of those who organized it. Walls were erected from cardboard to transform a space that needed dividers!! Circles were formed; we discussed parenting, masculinity, cocks, ancestors, who pays on a date…and more.

We each took a stone from the common basket and spoke a wish.
I still have my weathered ivory pebble.

Most importantly, I realized I could offer my Voice and hear others. Fears I initially had about whether I might “fit” at the event were alleviated when I joined the dialogue and offered my attention and care when listening to others.

There was both a focus and a multiplicity of Voices at BUTCH Voices NY, and that was refreshing.

Best wishes for your work in the coming weeks.

Received via Email – August 7, 2011

From all of us on the BUTCH Voices 2011 Team…

Thank you for your continued appreciation and support!

BUTCH Voices is “Pro-Bono” – Story and Photo

Holding the broad tent of identities that are a part of the BUTCH Voices community has not always been an easy task, but one that we value highly.  Conversations across identity – gender, race, sexuality, ability, class, background, and size – are key components in creating spaces that are not only diverse, but also welcoming, accepting, and conducive to positive change.

This season on Dancing with the Stars, NBC has added Chaz Bono to its lineup – this is the first time a transgender person has been featured on the program.  We at BUTCH Voices are near ecstatic.  We understand that Chaz being featured will not heal all hurts or solve all problems.  Still, we recognize this as step in the direction of positive visibility.  We are not alone in this belief.

Robin Tyler (butch elder, comedian and Executive Director of Equality Campaign), along with attorney Gloria Allred, and comedian/activist Belinda Carroll (long-time BUTCH Voices ally and supporter who has hosted fundraisers for BUTCH Voices in Austin in 2009 and Portland in 2011, and participated in the organizing committee for BUTCH Voices Portland in 2010) have taken a stand in support of Chaz.  They have established a Facebook page and twitter account encouraging LGBTQ folks and their allies in cities across the country to host viewing parties to show their support of Chaz. Continue reading

Gendercast: Reflections on BUTCH Voices 2011

Gendercast host Jessie interviews BUTCH Voices Programming Chair Jay Walls & partner Kari Kesler who appeared on a previous episode discussing feminism.

Join Jessie as they discuss the 2011 BUTCH Voices National Conference with Kari Kesler, our guest from Episode 9 on Feminism and Jay Walls, who served the programming chair for the conference. Jessie and Kari provide some reflection and discussion about the charged divisiveness which occurred at the conference in relation to the “Masculine of Center” terminology in the Butch Voices mission statement as well as some women-identified butches forming a split off group, Butch Nation. Sean weighs in as our resident butch!

A few choice quotes from the podcast:

  • “…we’re talking about two kinds of feminism.”
  • “The diversity of race and age was awe-inspiring.” Continue reading