For Immediate Release: We Are Anything But Insular

From L-R: Mary Stockton, Redwolf Painter, Q. Ragsdale, Joe LeBlanc, Krys Freeman

“Although directed at a target audience, we are anything but insular,” says BUTCH Voices President, Chief Strategist, and Conference Co-Chair, Krys Freeman. “Because of our presence and multi-regional outreach efforts, we’ve gained backing from groups and media outlets we never expected … from DC, NY, New Jersey, Florida … The list is getting a little overwhelming,” Freeman kids. “Everybody’s like ‘We love what you’re doing in Oakland! We’ve never seen this before! We’re coming to the conference!’” She adds with all sincerity, “We are intent on maintaining these connections and building more.”

Freeman cites growth as one of the main criteria in choosing conference speakers, “Alice [addresses] issues of social justice. As an Asian American queer scholar, writer, thinker, she is also relatable and respected by multi-generational demographics. We have to bridge gaps in order to create a sustainable future.”

Download the official Press Release: June 2011 “We Are Anything But Insular”

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