Gendercast: Reflections on BUTCH Voices 2011

Gendercast host Jessie interviews BUTCH Voices Programming Chair Jay Walls & partner Kari Kesler who appeared on a previous episode discussing feminism.

Join Jessie as they discuss the 2011 BUTCH Voices National Conference with Kari Kesler, our guest from Episode 9 on Feminism and Jay Walls, who served the programming chair for the conference. Jessie and Kari provide some reflection and discussion about the charged divisiveness which occurred at the conference in relation to the “Masculine of Center” terminology in the Butch Voices mission statement as well as some women-identified butches forming a split off group, Butch Nation. Sean weighs in as our resident butch!

A few choice quotes from the podcast:

  • “…we’re talking about two kinds of feminism.”
  • “The diversity of race and age was awe-inspiring.”
  • Jessie refers to one challenging moment when fellow audience member and attendee Bev Jo made a statement that Jessie summarized as “…masculine = man = oppressor = patriarchy = we don’t want you here…”
  • “…allowing everyone to self identify, but rallying around oppressions that opress us all.”
  • “Butchtastic Kyle blogged about how “big the tent “was with this Masculine of Center word¬†… it hit me the potential to be so incredibly huge and great, and what a way to build a movement… if we could come together … to support and help each other.”

Check out the gendercast blog
Gendercast Episode 14: Reflections on the 2011 Butch Voices National Conference
It contains a great list of resources to go with the discussion.

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